Partner in our engineering projects for over 40 years, the Italian Lifters & Tongs manufacturer SLINGOFER has a long tradition in research and innovation to design, produce and commission reliable, efficient and cost-effective equipment for the steel manufacturers.
SLINGOFERS's new website show how a policy based on product innovation, improved quality of the production process, the use of certified materials and a dedicated and well-trained team resulted in high-grade products best suited for heavy-duty environments. 
The 5,000 lifters and tongs in use in steel plants worldwide account for the quality and reliability of  SLINGOFER's products and after-sale services.

Sinex & Chauvin's sales Program
SINEX INDUSTRIE and CHAUVIN work together to propose a wide range of vibrating bulk processing machines such as screens, scalping screens, conveyors, feeders, etc. The two manufacturers have been producing vibrating equipment for over 80 years and supply heavy-duty vibrating machines especially designed for the extracting and minerals processing industries. Dust control devices minimize dust exposure from screens in powder, bulk and solids processing. Also available for existing equipment.

Magnetic Metal Detection & Separation
For over 70 years LENOIR MAGNETIC SYSTEMS have specialized in designing and manufacturing magnetic processing equipment such as magnetic separators and metal detectors featuring a broad range of electromagnetic and permanent magnet equipment to suit a wide variety of application requirements, also in terms of capacity and dimensions.

LENOIR MAGNETIC SYSTEMS machines are designed to yield high performances in tough operating conditions. The product range includes standard overbands, magnetic separators, magnetic pulleys, grids & plates and also custom-built magnetic separators for specific applications, detectors for the detection of large or small metal items and detectors with integrated ejectors.

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